St Augustine, Florida is America’s oldest city. Situated on Florida’s Northwest coast, this beautiful historic town was founded by the Spanish in 1565. Additionally, the city is home to the legendary Fountain of Youth, made famous by explorer Ponce de Leon. However, along with the historic sites of St Augustine, Fl, the same drug addiction issues that affect the entire nation plague this beautiful city. However, help is available. Finding addiction therapy services St Augustine FL residents rely on can help save your life or the life of a loved one. Many treatment centers offer a 12 step addiction recovery program, a proven resource for fighting addiction.

What is a 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program?

two women hug during twelve step addiction recovery programThe 12 Step Program has its roots in Alcoholics Anonymous. First outlined in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, the 12 Step Program initially was for those who had alcohol abuse disorder. Between then and now, it’s been adopted by hundreds of other self-help groups and adapted to fit various addiction issues. However, the foundation of the12 Step Program remains the same and lies within its twelve guiding principles.

How Does a 12 Step Program Work?

As stated, the foundational roots of the 12 Step Program are its twelve guiding principles. The original wording of the 12 steps have been modified over the years and adapted to fit the needs of the group but the essence remains the same. The principles are as follows:

  • Recognize you are powerless over your addiction
  • Look to a Higher Power as your authority and helper in recovery
  • Have a sincere desire to want to stop whatever the addictive behavior is
  • Submit the behavior that you are powerless over into the hands of the Higher Power, knowing that you cannot do it on your own
  • Participate in introspection whereby you analyze your past behavior and actions and discuss it in a group or individual therapy.
  • Take responsibility for past behavior and actions by admitting your wrongs and making things right if you can

Benefits of a 12 Step Addiction Recovery Treatment Center in St Augustine FL

Many people find that a 12 step addiction recovery treatment center in St Augustine FL provides the breakthrough they need to heal. 12 step programs provide an opportunity to bond with others in the group and also connect with those in a similar situation. In some ways, this support mirrors the addiction therapy groups that will also make up parts of your treatment.

By putting things in the hands of a Higher Power, you take much of the burden off of yourself. However, you still engage in the hard work of beginning to recovery. To this end, you will often use introspection to get to the root of your addictive behavior. Additionally, engaging with your family and how you interact with them can help you. Through these sessions, you can start healing your relationships with your loved ones by owning up to past behavior while also charting a course for the future.

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