An addiction recovery coaching program in St Augustine FL provides education and training for working with clients that are seeking help from drug or alcohol dependency. As a coach, you will assist individuals with addiction in finding the right type of substance abuse treatment so they can increase their chances of a successful recovery.

As an addiction recovery coach, you meet directly with the person struggling from addiction. Then you listen to their story, answer their questions, and provide observations and insights. You can also help them create a roadmap to success in recovery. You connect them with other resources, including treatment programs and support groups.

Addiction recovery coaching programs and participation in other programs including group counseling and an individual therapy program in St Augustine FL also help the addiction recovery coach maintain their own sobriety and recovery. Engagement in helping others find recovery motivates you to stay clean and celebrate your own recovery.

The Purpose of an Addiction Recovery Coaching Program

treatment professional leads an addiction recovery coaching programRecovery coaching focuses on accepting the client where they are in their life and helping them get to where they want to be. As a coach, your job is not to judge or to apply pressure. Instead, it is to open doors to opportunities for recovery, to provide emotional support, and to provide answers.

Also, as a coach, you can offer effective education and insight for your clients, such as:

  • Active vs passive listening
  • Coping skills
  • Day-to-day life skills
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Building relationships
  • Personal awareness

Likewise, you will also have the opportunity to address mental health issues and work with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. This type of coaching fulfills a great need and purpose in alcohol or drug addiction recovery. You become a valuable member of a treatment team who works together to move people toward a life without substance abuse.

Providing Hope Through Addiction Recovery Coaching

When someone is suffering from addiction, they and their family may feel that all is lost. These feelings come as a result of living with the same cycle of addiction that never seems to stop. Patterns emerge and reinforce negative thoughts and feelings. Pretty soon, everyone lives under a cloud of hopelessness and despair.

In fact, as an addiction recovery coach, you shine light in a dark place and provide hope to families who live with substance abuse. You offer recovery coaching as a part of targeted addiction therapies that may also include:

Likewise, the emphasis of an addiction recovery coaching program is to provide educational and therapy opportunities for each person entering rehab.

Who Do You Work With as an Addiction Recovery Coach?

In most cases, you will work with individuals who are looking for an alternative to rehab aftercare treatment. As a recovery coach, you will be continuing treatment for those in recovery once their primary treatment has come to an end. Your job is essential because you will work with people who are trying to reconnect with society, family, and work.

This can be a trying time for them as they readjust to their normal life without drugs and alcohol. As an addiction recovery coach, you have an opportunity to make a real impact on the long-term success of each individual you work with.

Find Out More About Our Addiction Recovery Coaching Program

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