Watching someone you love suffer through the pain of drug addiction can be one of the hardest things to go through. Parents, loved ones, and friends often feel utterly hopeless when someone close to them engages in harmful behavior. When this happens, you can find help with a family therapy program in St Augustine FL. These programs provide the tools and resources necessary to deal with addiction. This is why therapy sessions and training such as CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) exist. Thus, training like CRAFT helps sets up a framework for healing.

What is CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training)?

family participates in therapy as part of community reinforcement and family trainingCRAFT is a training program for family and loved ones of drug abusers who are resistant to treatment for their addiction. Through therapy and training, loved ones learn strategies that will help the drug user to eventually seek treatment. Research has shown that loved ones are in the best position to help those addicted to drugs for the following reasons:

  • Loved ones know the drug user best
  • Loved ones understand the person’s triggers
  • Family members know the person’s strengths as well as their weaknesses
  • Loved ones have more access to the person

According to research, when family members participate in a CRAFT Program in St Augustine FL or elsewhere, they have a greater likelihood of motivating the drug user to attend rehab.

How Does CRAFT in St Augustine FL Work?

CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) revolves around three main goals:

  1. Create positive reinforcement for loved ones to seek treatment – This is accomplished by teaching participants methods for engaging their loved one in a non-confrontational manner. It also teaches them how to avoid isolating themselves from their loved one. Members will learn how to use positive reinforcement, reward the person when they are not using drugs, and allow natural consequences to play out (avoiding instincts to come to their rescue).
  2. Reduce the substance abusers use of the substance – Loved ones learn strategies to encourage substance abusers to use less often. Additionally, they learn ways to incentivize good behavior.
  3. Helps improve the lives of those involved with the substance abuser – Most people are stressed out due to the addiction problems of their loved ones. This creates undue tension and anxiety in their own lives and with the other person. Through CRAFT, the loved one learns how to let go of this tension as well as cope in a healthy positive manner.

Finding CRAFT Programs in St Augustine FL

The Augustine FL area is the perfect place to participate in CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training). Pearl of the Sea Retreat’s luxury facility in this historic east coast town is a beautiful area where the balmy ocean air and sandy beaches make growth and healing possible.

When searching for a place to participate in therapy training and rehab for your loved one it’s important to look for certain criteria such as:

Welcome to Pearl of the Sea Retreat

Come home to Pearl of the Sea Retreat where a welcoming atmosphere awaits you and your loved one. Our retreat center is designed for comprehensive addiction treatment in a luxurious setting. Connect with nature on the sandy beaches of Anastasia Island. While you stay at our premier location, you can open up the doors to tranquility and hope. During your stay, watch the sunrise and sunset, and take counseling sessions in the boathouse. Everything about Pearl of the Sea is designed with our guests in mind.

Our Florida luxury addiction treatment can include:

Don’t let addiction interfere with you and your loved ones’ lives. You can find peace by attending CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) at our retreat center. Contact us at 855.763.2545, and we’ll get you on the road to healing.