Why is the addiction treatment community increasing the use of holistic treatment methodologies? There must be a reason for this not so subtle change in the way counselors treat clients. In fact, there has been a collective epiphany that clients need more than standard counseling. They also need a way to fix issues within other aspects of their lives. For the most, addiction sufferers have forgotten how to live in the light. Therefore, to help them get out of the dark, Pearl of the Sea Retreat offers treatment options like boating therapy.

Boating Therapy – One With the Sea

Peaceful lake used for a Florida boating therapy programActually, boating therapy is not a new concept. People have been using the opportunity to go out to seas for relaxation and rejuvenation for centuries. Finally, there’s actually a therapeutic reason to offer a boating therapy program. We like the results we are seeing so far.

Our Florida boating therapy goes well beyond the opportunity clients have to relax. Whether they realize it or not, they are getting so much more than they could possibly imagine. For us, boating therapy is another important tool our counselors can use to help clients address the things missing in their lives.

During their time abusing substances, a lot of clients lose the balance in their lives. They forget things like taking care of their mental and physical health. A good nature therapy program might be just the ticket to a lasting recovery. Given Pearl of the Seas Retreat’s proximity to beautiful waterways, of course, boating therapy is a favorite option among our clients.

The Benefits of Florida Boating Therapy

We wouldn’t recommend a boating therapy program that didn’t offer amazing benefits to our clients. The time our clients spend with us under our care is precious. We strive to employ custom treatment options our counselors believe will be effective.

Standard counseling will always be an important part of the addiction treatment process. Why? Every client has a laundry list of personal issues that are driving their addiction. Our counselors need to help them pick apart those issues also and promote a clear understanding, for the client’s benefit.

Beyond individual and group counseling, there has to be more. The client also has to also fill the holes they shot in their souls with every needle or shot of booze. A boating therapy program has the potential of filling those very holes. Let’s take a look at what we feel are important benefits a client might derive from Florida boating therapy:

  • Creates an optimum environment for mindfulness therapy and increasing self-awareness
  • Helps build relationships among participants – important for support resources in the future
  • Creates a possible hobby option as an alternative to the same old things that might have enabled the addiction
  • Learning to navigate waves, which could serve as a metaphor for navigating the waves of life
  • Simply learning to have fun and enjoy oneself again like when a child

Unto themselves, these are all potentially amazing benefits. Our hope is each client derives as many of these benefits as possible when moving down the path towards recovery.

Making a Difference at Pearl of the Sea

To be clear, we love what we do at our St. Augustine, Florida (on Anastasia Island) facility. We use a full arsenal of standard as well as holistic treatment options to help our clients deal with their addiction. If we were to fail, a life could then be lost. Therefore, failure has not been and will never be an option. Here’s a partial list of our addiction treatment options:

  • Psychiatric Assessments and Medication Management
  • Gender-specific programming for Women’s/ Men’s Issues
  • Treatment for Co-Occurring and Dual Diagnosis
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • After-Care and Alumni Programming

Don’t risk your life for a few minutes of escape from reality. If nothing else, treatment options like boating therapy might point the way to a better tomorrow. It’s on you to seek help. If you seek it from Pearl of the Sea Retreat, you’ll get the best care possible. For more information, please contact us at 8557632545.