As part of addiction treatment, clients need to do more than put their addiction aside. They also need to find a better way to live their lives. That’s not an easy thing for someone to navigate after months or even years of substance abuse. Somewhere along the way, they lose a sense of themselves. They forget how to enjoy anything more than pursuing that next drink or fix. At Pearl of the Sea Retreat, we strive to offer more than standard addiction treatment. We use holistic treatment options like fishing therapy to help change a client’s mindset.

What is Fishing Therapy?

Man enjoying his Florida fishing therapy programWith no joy in their lives, it’s not surprising that some people fall prey to some type of addiction. That temporary feeling of euphoria someones gets from drinking or taking drugs then becomes their entire motivation to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, the euphoria is only temporary. Depending on the substance in question, the euphoria then abruptly turns into the nightmare of addiction.

Fishing is a great way for people to find solace and also get in touch with nature. For centuries, fishing enthusiasts have fished as a way to secure food, commensurate with friends and escape the big city. Our Florida fishing therapy program strives to take advantage of those very reasons why people fish.

For the addiction sufferer, we intend to use fishing therapy as a way to reconnect them with the outside world. This is a world they are going to need when they put the old drug world somewhere in their past.

The Benefits of Fishing Therapy

During Florida fishing therapy, clients get more benefits than what seems apparent upfront. We intentionally design our Florida fishing program, so the benefits are subtle. Why? On the face of it, fishing seems like a rather mundane activity. To avoid possible resistance, our counselors simply introduce this experiential therapy program in hopes clients will take note. Our experiences at Pearl of the Sea Retreat tell us clients typically respond positively to their involvement in our fishing therapy program. At some point, they begin to understand there’s a method to our choices of treatment.

So, what are the potential benefits of Florida fishing therapy? The answer is plenty of really useful benefits. Here’s a list of possible benefits a client might experience for fishing therapy:

  • Discovery of a new hobby that has the potential of replacing the time spent pursuing drugs
  • Social activity to build new friendships and support resources
  • Method of relaxation – a coping mechanism
  • Retraining the brain to have fun doing something that doesn’t include drugs/alcohol
  • Physical activity that gives the participant an opportunity to interact with nature

A client realizing even one of these benefits makes a fishing therapy program an invaluable treatment tool. If the client derives more than one of these benefits, the Florida fishing therapy pays for itself. Remember, this type of program is but one of the resources our counselors have at their disposal.

Pearl of the Sea Retreat – Top Florida Treatment Option

At our St. Augustine, Florida (on Anastasia Island) facility, we are very proud of the work we do for our clients. Our treatment goal has two components, help the client conquer their addiction and address their overall well-being. If we do those two things, our clients will have an excellent chance for a lasting recovery. Here is an extensive list of our treatment services:

If you have been battling your addiction, it’s possible fishing therapy is the farthest thing from your mind. However, it might be exactly what you need to get yourself reconnected with the real you. Our staff at Pearl of the Sea Retreat is ready to stand by your side. For more information about our holistic treatment options, please give us a call at 8557632545.