Holistic therapy focuses on treating the mind, body, and soul. When someone suffers from drug and alcohol abuse, it affects all aspects of their health. When they begin recovery, they need comprehensive, holistic therapies to heal all of the damage from their addiction.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

people row canoes as part of a holistic therapy programA holistic therapy program helps guests learn new tools and coping skills for handling triggers and cravings. This type of program integrates mental, physical, and spiritual models into substance abuse treatment. With holistic therapy, individuals receive complementary luxury addiction therapy services that support their recovery.

Depending on the treatment program, individuals may find options like yoga and meditation. Reiki, massage therapy or acupuncture may be available at the treatment center. Other programs use options such as art therapy, nutritional therapy, biofeedback, and music therapy.

The entire goal of holistic therapy is to treat the whole person. Years ago, rehabs only focused on treating addiction. At the time, they did not realize that addiction affects the entire person. To recover, the person needs help with more than just the behavioral aspect of substance abuse. They may need support treating underlying causes like mental illness, trauma or physical ailments.

The best treatment centers use holistic programs like meditation, exercise, and nutrition. They may offer options such as counseling, massage therapy or Qigong. These non-medical methods help to heal emotional, nutritional, and mental imbalances.

Since a poor diet, stress, and lack of sleep can hinder recovery, holistic therapy often focuses on treating these lifestyle factors. Ultimately, the holistic therapy program helps the guest boost their self-confidence and physical fitness. By discovering the underlying cause of the addiction, these programs can help people resist cravings. Eventually, the individual no longer finds drug and alcohol abuse appealing.

Popular Treatment Types

Meditation is a popular part of luxury addiction therapy services. It helps to clear the mind and boost the individual’s focus. At the same time, meditation gives guests a healthy way to cope with stress and negative emotions.

When someone starts recovery, they need to regain their physical health. Nutritional therapy helps people start fresh in life. Through better eating habits, they can enjoy a higher self-confidence and a better self-image. Nutritional support gives guests the physical health they need to focus on their recovery.

Exercise and recreational therapy also work to strengthen the body. At luxury treatment centers, individuals can go boating, swimming or enjoy a game of volleyball on the beach. These activities help reduce stress so that the individual can devote their attention to their sobriety.

Reducing stress is a common goal for holistic therapy. With this in mind, some rehabs offer massage and acupuncture. This technique helps to heal the body while improving the guest’s frame of mind.

At the best programs, guests receive traditional, evidence-based treatments as well as holistic options. Each person has a unique experience with addiction, medical history, and physical health. Because of this, guests must have customized treatment options that match their unique needs. During the intake process, an addiction specialist can help individuals figure out which programs will work best for them.

Discovering Holistic Options for Addiction Treatment

One’s environment can play a huge role in treating addiction. A sober circle of friends, a relaxed setting, and a comfortable ambiance make it easier to focus on recovery. At a luxury rehab setting, individuals can find programs such as:

  • Art and music therapy
  • Family and group therapy
  • Nature therapy
  • Nutritional assessments and plans
  • Pet therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction

From a boathouse in St. Augustine, you can begin your comfortable, holistic treatment program. The luxurious Pearl of the Sea Retreat is a former hotel transformed into an upscale, comprehensive rehab. Through a range of customized treatments, you can take the first step in becoming sober. To find out how we can help your recovery process, contact us today at 855-763-2545.