According to recent studies, eight in ten Americans feel stress at some point during the day, leading many to seek professional help. This is probably not surprising to most people. We all live in a highly stressful environment. In addition, many Americans say they don’t have the time to complete all the things they want to in the day, which adds to the stress. More and more, people seek mindfulness based stress reduction programs for support.

With all the pressure and stress of day-to-day living, many people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope or numb their feelings. This leads to addiction problems. Along with group therapy sessions and an individual therapy program in St Augustine FL, mindfulness based stress reduction can lead you on the path to healing. Through treatment, perseverance, and a support network, you can find hope and recovery.

What is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program?

woman meditates as part of mindfulness based stress reduction programEstablished in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction model, in its simplest form, emphasizes being mindful of one’s own feelings and present in the moment. Through awareness and staying mindful in the present moment, this technique has helped people with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and stress. These mental health issues occur alongside drug addiction or make it worse. Therefore, a mindfulness based stress reduction treatment center in St Augustine FL can provide this service alongside other holistic addiction therapies that will help their patients find relief.

How Does a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Treatment Center Work?

Everyone responds to stimuli in certain ways. The way you respond may be based on your personality, environment, upbringing, genetics, and so on. Over time, your reactions to stimuli (situations) become like second nature. You don’t really think about why your heart races when you get in traffic or why you shudder when you’re faced with something that frightens you. It’s just the way you react automatically — at least it seems automatic. The fact is you’ve established certain habits of responding over time and these reactions do become automatic, they can be changed.

During mindfulness based stress reduction therapy you become more aware of your feelings and the way your body reacts to stress, depression, and anxiety. Many people are not even aware that they tense up, breathe faster, have accelerated heart rate, and so on when stressful situations occur. Next, you become aware of your thought patterns that cause or contribute to the stressful reaction. You also become aware of a small space of time between the stimuli and your reaction. This space of time is the time you have to change your response. This is where the mindfulness based stress reduction program plays a part.

Meditation strategies can help you become aware of these interactions so you can work to better control your reactions and emotions. Body scanning and mindfulness meditation allow you to focus on being mindful on the present in order to reconnect with your body and assess your physical needs. In addition, yoga and other active meditation activities help you become aware of your physical form and become more comfortable.

Peace at Pearl of the Sea Retreat

Discover an oasis of calm at Pearl of the Sea Retreat. Our luxurious retreat center is a haven for those who want to experience the tranquility of mindfulness and meditation. Some of the extra bonus features of our center include:

Find peace and solace on Anastasia Island as you work on tuning into your body and mind. Banish negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones while enjoying the fresh ocean air. Our masters-level clinicians will guide you through the steps of the mindfulness program. You will be surprised at how much control you’ll gain over your mind and body once you complete the program.

Don’t let negative thinking and addictive behaviors control your life. You can change the way you think and behave by attending a mindfulness-based stress reduction program. Contact us at 855.763.2545, and we’ll be your partner every step of the way.