Often, when someone is stuck in the midst of a drug crisis in their lives, it’s difficult to have perspective on their situation. They may not realize just how much drug addiction has affected their lives. When new life situations arise, they find it difficult to cope, this is where motivational interviewing and other addiction therapy comes into play.

Along with traditional addiction therapies, people struggling with substance abuse can benefit from life skills training in St Augustine FL. The life skills training supports more traditional therapies. In this way, you have comprehensive care that helps you get back on your feet. Motivational interviewing is one therapy that will be instrumental in assisting you in navigating new changes. As the name implies, it motivates you to make changes in your life that may seem impossible.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

man participates in motivational interviewing during addiction treatmentThe theory of motivational interviewing (MI) came as a result of two clinical psychologists observing the experiences of people seeking alcohol abuse disorder treatment. The psychologists, William R Miller, and Stephen Rollnick, then developed the clinical procedures for how to use motivational interviewing in 1991.

Specifically, the method of MI is to evoke a conversation with the person who needs to make some behavioral change. Through a discussion of the behavior in question, the person gives their reasons for why a change is important. The therapist helps the person see how the behavior has interfered with life, caused problems, and so on. The person may be also asked to think ahead about how life will be in the future if the behavior continues.

During the discussion of the behavior, the therapist will reflect back what the person says. This solidifies the information in the person’s mind. The end goal is to have the person committed to changing their behavior. For many people, the first step in making effective change is making up your mind to do it.

What Type of Therapist Should I Look for to Do Motivational Interviewing?

A motivational interviewing treatment center in St Augustine FL will have therapists who are used to working with different types of people. They understand that people will be at different stages of readiness when it comes to committing to change. Some people may know they need to change but are ambivalent about taking the steps to make a change. Others may have already taken a step or two to begin changing, especially when engaged in other addiction treatment therapies. Therefore, therapists who conduct motivational interviewing must possess a certain skill set to make them effective at the job such as:

  • Good listener
  • Skilled at reflective listening
  • Empathetic
  • Non-confrontational — accepting
  • Not pushy but easygoing
  • Expresses genuine care

Benefits of a Motivational Interviewing Treatment Center in St Augustine FL

MI treatment programs offer many benefits for people struggling with a substance abuse disorder. Motivational interviewing sessions allow you to confront your need for change in a safe setting. Additionally, they provide guidance from an empathetic person who listens to you during the process. You will not be pushed or judged to make changes, but you can go at your own speed. Through this process, you will find the courage and motivation to proceed forward, taking the steps needed to make permanent changes.

Is Motivational Interviewing a Stand Alone Therapy?

This counseling method is usually never used alone. It serves as the catalyst that propels you on your journey to healing. This usually involves other therapies such as:

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