When someone with an addiction problem seeks treatment, they are offered a variety of treatment services to get them back to full capacity. These often include traditional talk therapies, but these days, more centers are offering holistic treatments as well. Physical and occupational therapy are two of the many therapies that will be a part of the routine when entering addiction treatment. As part of the addiction treatment services St Augustine FL residents believe in, these therapies can be crucial to successful rehabilitation.

When someone has been involved with drugs or alcohol for a period of time, it takes a toll on all aspects of the individual’s life. It affects your entire day-to-day living. From your emotions to your physical life to your relationships, drugs and alcohol addiction makes its mark. It’s critical to receive care for all aspects of your life.

The Role of Physical and Occupational Therapy in Drug Rehab Facilities

treatment professional helps patient with physical and occupational therapyBoth physical and occupational therapy play a unique role in a holistic addiction therapy plan. Many people who are addicted to drugs have a lower tolerance to pain, which leads to the following:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • More chronic pain
  • Inability to deal with pain
  • Lack of options when it comes to pain
  • Lack of flexible muscles due to sedentary life
  • Poor sleep patterns

Chronic pain is one reason why some people end up abusing drugs in the first place. Physical and occupational therapists help you learn strategies and techniques to fight pain more naturally. They will work with you so you can become more active physically. Physical activity releases endorphins, which boost euphoric feelings. Therefore, the increased activity decreases pain, which helps when coming off drugs. Additionally, exercise makes you feel better about yourself. Awareness of your physical form can help during any substance abuse treatment.

Physical and occupational therapists will also assist you in managing everyday tasks that may come easily for others. Your therapists can help you with sleep, stress reduction, and pain management, among other services.

Selecting a Physical and Occupational Therapy Treatment Program in St Augustine FL

With the many treatment programs available, participants should select one that matches closely with their particular needs. You need services and treatments that aim to deal with the whole person, not just the addiction issue. Look for a treatment center that offers truly comprehensive care, so you can get the help you need at every step.

Programs that would benefit you include:

When searching for a physical and occupational therapy treatment program in St Augustine FL find a location that will be conducive to healing. Staff should be compassionate, creative, and professional, along with providing comprehensive addiction therapy services,

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