Recreation therapy is a type of experiential therapy that can treat drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Through recreation therapy, you can address your individual needs for physical, behavioral, emotional, or psychological health as you overcome your chemical dependency. You can learn how to live a life free from addiction while engaging in enjoyable activities.

Recreation therapy is an important modality used at many holistic therapy programs in St Augustine FL. During addiction treatment, your therapy team will design a plan around your needs and specific situation. Exploring options like recreation therapy and yoga therapy can help you become aware of your physical needs so you can heal your body, along with your mind and your spirit.

Learning More About Recreation Therapy

group participates in yoga during recreation therapyRecreation therapy can be a great supplement to traditional substance abuse and addiction treatment. But, how is it effective?

Simply put, if you have suffered from an alcohol or drug addiction for so long that you have forgotten how to socialize or have fun, then recreational activities help you put your life back into perspective. Recreation therapy also teaches you how to have a good time without feeling like you have to use drugs or alcohol.

If every time you go out for a recreational activity, you feel the need to pop a pill or take a drink, recreation therapy can break that connection and end the vicious cycle of addiction. Once you stop connecting alcohol or drugs with fun, then you can begin to change your behaviors and learn healthy ways to spend time.

Recreation Therapy in St Augustine FL

One of the reasons why our recreation therapy program in St Augustine FL is so effective is because of our location. We have the opportunity to offer lots of therapeutic activities in nature, around dolphins, our boathouse, docks, and other areas. To demonstrate this, some activities we offer include:

In fact, many of the kind of therapy that we offer work well with our holistic addiction therapy program. Through holistic treatment, we can help you heal the mind, body, and soul.

Also, while recreation therapy only acts as a supplement to traditional treatment, it provides another learning experience that teaches you about yourself and your addiction in unique ways. After all, you need all the learning experiences you can get when you are first overcoming your dependency.

Benefits of Recreation Therapy

Also, addictions can create a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety in your life and relationships. In turn, stress and anxiety can trigger your addiction. They form a symbiotic relationship, feeding off each other.

Sometimes, the key to overcoming your addiction is to learn how to relax again and relieve the stress. Recreation therapy seeks to reduce the stress, address mood disorders and depression, and help you reset. It is an excellent complement to a dual diagnosis treatment program that addresses both the addiction and any mental health disorders.

For example, there are other benefits to recreation therapy as well, including:

  • Enhances your work-life balance
  • Improves your overall health
  • Gives you social skills
  • Allows you to become independent
  • Gives you a total sense of well-being
  • Boosts your quality of life

Find Holistic Treatment for Your Addiction

Are you ready to learn how to have fun again without drugs and alcohol? Then contact Pearl of the Sea. As seen above, our trained and caring professionals can help you overcome your addiction and get you on the road to recovery. To find out more about recreation therapy, call us today at 855.763.2545. We are here to help you battle your addiction.