Drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs often use a combination of different therapies. Evidence-based practices, such as psychotherapy and behavioral therapy, are used for their effectiveness. But more treatment facilities are incorporating additional treatments as well, including massage therapy.

Almost everyone enjoys a good massage. You don’t have to work a stressful and demanding job to appreciate this type of therapy, either. In addiction treatment, this relaxing technique also provides a number of benefits. Learn how massage therapy can enhance your treatment if you’re looking for a comprehensive program to overcome addiction.

The Importance of Healthy Coping Skills

Woman relaxes during St Augustine massage therapyEveryone feels sad, stressed or anxious at some point. So how do you cope when you feel that way? If you listen to music or go for a relaxing walk, great. That’s a positive and healthy way to cope.

But what if you reach for a drink every time you need to unwind from a hard day? Or you abuse drugs because you’re having difficulties facing troubles in your life? These are unhealthy ways to cope, which many people turn to, such as drugs. The more they do them, then the higher the risk they’ll develop an addiction.

If they make the life-changing decision to seek treatment, they can learn better coping skills. They’ll find positive ways to relax and release tensions, whether it’s through exercise, art therapy or massage.

Massage Therapy in Addiction Treatment

How does massage therapy fit into treatment for drug and alcohol addiction? As more addiction specialists understand the need for treatment that integrates all areas of health — mental, spiritual, physical and emotional — they include more holistic therapy options into rehab programs.

During a massage, guests can let go of stress and relax. Tension is worked out of their bodies. All of this is done naturally with no need for drugs and alcohol. In this relaxed state, a person is more open to participating in therapy, from individual to group and family sessions. They learn additional coping skills that they can take with them and use for the rest of their lives.

You’re more likely to find massage therapy in a high-end treatment center than a nonprofit facility. Rehabs that feature luxurious accommodations often provide enjoyable extras like massage, yoga, and Reiki. While helpful, they are additions to evidence-based treatments to create a comprehensive program.

Benefits of St Augustine Massage Therapy

Massage therapy eases minor aches and pains and relieves insomnia. It’s also a natural stress and anxiety reliever. These are all benefits for people in addiction treatment as some users abuse drugs to relieve chronic pain. When they learn that a massage can help alleviate some discomfort, they see they have options outside of drug use.

If you’re searching for a rehab that provides massage as a routine offering, where do you begin looking? Florida is a popular treatment location. The Sunshine State has a reputation for its warm weather throughout the year and of course proximity to plenty of water. There’s no shortage of rehabs, but if the nation’s oldest city is calling you, you have an outstanding option.

Benefits of a St Augustine massage therapy program include:

  • Scenic views
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Relaxing environment

Not only do you get the usual benefits of a good massage, but you also get to enjoy them in a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere.

Addiction Treatment in a Resort-Style Setting

Pearl of the Sea Retreat is an addiction treatment center in St. Augustine, Florida, situated on Anastasia Island. With breathtaking views of the water and sunsets every day, our rehab prides itself as a healing center for your mind and body. We’re an ideal choice for men and women seeking the highest level of residential addiction treatment.

We provide:

You can begin to heal and recover in our European-style mansion located on Florida’s east coast. Our compassionate team will guide you toward a life of sobriety and relapse prevention, so call us today at 8557632545 to find out more about taking charge of your life and overcoming addiction.