Why should you be satisfied with run-of-the-mill addiction therapy? Maybe you’ve been through treatment before and didn’t see the results you wanted. Alternatively, you may want to use your time in recovery to reconvene with nature or find a new passion. At Pearl of the Sea Retreat, we offer unique addiction therapy programs to meet these needs.

Boathouse Therapy Sessions

All too often, therapy sessions take place in bland, uninspiring offices or bleak and empty conference rooms. These spaces feel cold, clinical, and impersonal. They aren’t good at making people feel comfortable and valued.

a woman swims with dolphins as part of our unique addiction therapy servicesPearl of the Sea Retreat has a unique addiction therapy solution to this common issue. Because of our prime location on Anastasia Island, our facility includes access to a private boathouse. This boathouse is raised above the dock, allowing for striking views of the intracoastal waterway. From here, you can observe birds, turtles, passing boats, playing dolphins, and even the occasional manatee.

While our boathouse makes an exceptional observation deck, we think it’s also the perfect setting for unique addiction therapy services. It allows our guests to see the world outside of themselves and their own problems. We provide a variety of different counseling options in this location, from trauma counseling to group therapy.

Marine Therapy and Nature Excursions

Due to the geography of our area, we have unique addiction therapy opportunities in the form of marine and nature therapies. Coming soon, our guests will have access to a variety of excursions, including paddleboarding sessions and surfing. We also make time for calmer activities like pontoon boat outings, fishing, and dolphin watching.

Through these activities, guests have the chance to take in all that Anastasia Island has to offer. However, these options have clinical value, too. During excursions, guests have the opportunity to experience soothing comfort from problems, to learn new skills, and to find new hobbies. Discovering new passions is one of the keys to success in recovery. They also give our guests a chance to unwind after a day of therapy sessions and self-reflection. Addiction treatment can be heavy at times, so we do whatever we can to help our guests relax.

Unique Addiction Therapy Services at Pearl of the Sea Retreat

Pearl of the Sea Retreat offers luxury addiction treatment services in St. Augustine, Florida. Our stunning European-style mansion gives our guests a comfortable place to focus on recovery. Working toward sobriety is challenging, so our team works to make the process as smooth as possible. To achieve this, we offer the following services:

If you’re in search of unique addiction therapy services in a luxurious setting, look no further than Pearl of the Sea Retreat. Our Master’s level clinicians want to help you begin your life anew. Call 855-763-2545 to get started.