When it comes to rehab, a common fear people have is that it will be uncomfortable and hospital-like. This is why Pearl of the Sea Retreat, a drug rehab center in St. Augustine, FL, focuses on making the recovery experience as luxurious as possible. With our beautiful location and accredited staff, we provide an ideal selection of luxury addiction treatment services.

Luxury Location and Amenities

a woman takes advantage of st augustine luxury addiction treatment services Before addressing the luxury addiction treatment services themselves, we should mention the wonderful amenities Pearl of the Sea has to offer.

  • The Facility Itself: The moment you see our facility, you know it’s different from your average rehab center. The building is a repurposed European-style mansion, complete with comfortable resort-like rooms, a pool, and access to the water.
  • Beautiful Location: We are nestled right next to the Intracoastal Waterway on Anastasia Island. It gives our guests some great opportunities. The gorgeous environment is peaceful, secluded, and full of vibrant wildlife. You’ll get to see all kinds of marine life, including dolphins!
  • Massage Therapy: If you are struggling with physical discomfort, we make it our goal to help you find relief without turning to substances.
  • Pet Therapy: Few things match the unconditional love of an animal. Our pet therapy programs will help teach you about personal responsibility while providing stress relief.

A Wide Range of Luxury Addiction Treatment Services

Of course, an essential part of our St Augustine luxury addiction treatment services is the recovery programs themselves. With our world-class clinicians, we offer guests the highest quality of assessments and therapies. Additionally, we supply a very diverse selection of offerings.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is the practice of addressing co-occurring mental health problems in conjunction with the addiction. For example, depression, trauma, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can all worsen and be worsened by addiction. Therefore, addressing them together reduces the risk of relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on finding solutions to distorted cognition. Dialectical behavior therapy is a form of CBT that focuses on personality and mood disorders. With these two treatments, you will learn about your negative thought patterns and triggers. Moreover, you’ll learn how to develop healthy coping techniques to combat them.

Gender-Specific Programs

People handle some issues better when men and women are in separate programs. Therefore, these programs can let people focus on issues specific to their gender. Additionally, it will remove possible distractions from the recovery process.

Residential Programs

Our St Augustine luxury addiction treatment services take place while you stay as our guest in our resort-like facility. During your stay, the focus is entirely on yourself and your recovery, with healing that restores hope and purpose in life.

Get Help for Your Addiction Today

Don’t let the fear of an uncomfortable rehab experience keep you from getting the help you deserve. Firstly, our facility is comfortable and luxurious. Secondly, our staff is passionate and experienced. Therefore, we can promise you that your stay here will be as pleasant and effective as possible. Contact us today at 855-763-2545 to learn more about what Pearl of the Sea Retreat can offer you.