When someone with BPD starts rehab, it is essential to begin borderline personality disorder treatment at the same time. After rehab, the individual will still have borderline personality disorder. If they only treat the addiction, they may relapse to self-medicate for their mental illness. By addressing both issues, individuals have the best chance of staying sober.

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

a man talks to a counselor at a borderline personality disorder treatment centerAn estimated 1.6% of Americans have borderline personality disorder. This disorder involves problems regulating emotions. For example, an individual with BPD may feel intense, long-lasting emotions. When they experience these feelings, it can be hard to go back to a normal state of mind.

This condition can cause a poor self-image and difficult relationships. The individual may feel impulsive or have intense emotional responses. To make matters worse, they may also suffer from behaviors like self-harm.

Borderline personality disorder involves emotional instability and wide mood swings. The individual may feel abandoned by their loved ones for real or imaginary reasons. Their distorted self-image may affect their relationships and moods. Furthermore, impulsive behaviors may lead a number of consequences, including reckless driving, excessive spending or substance abuse problems. In this case, a dual diagnosis treatment center is necessary.

Often, individuals will experience feelings like irritability, anxiety or depression. They may also suffer from uncontrollable anger or dissociative feelings. Thankfully, borderline personality disorder treatment can help individuals learn how to cope with their emotions.

What Causes It?

When someone starts borderline personality disorder treatment, they often want to know why they have this condition. Scientists think that multiple factors lead to this disorder. People are more likely to have this disorder if other family members do, so there may be a genetic factor.

Environmental factors like trauma, childhood abuse or stressful life events increase the chances that someone will develop borderline personality disorder. Scientists know that the mind functions differently with this disorder. In other words, if someone has this mental illness, the parts of their brain in charge of emotion and judgment do not communicate properly.

Looking for the Right Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

At a borderline personality disorder treatment center, individuals can get the help they need. The right treatment depends on the individual’s unique situation. Some guests use medication to manage their symptoms. However, others exclusively use psychotherapy or family support.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy help individuals learn to cope. In a borderline personality disorder treatment center, they learn how to manage their emotions. The best borderline personality disorder treatment options allow the individual to self-direct their recovery. They work with a mental health professional to figure out what works best for their needs.

How Dual Diagnosis Works

A dual diagnosis treatment center gives guests the right tools for treating both addiction and mental health disorders. Borderline personality disorder or the addiction can develop first. Afterward, one disorder fuels the other. The individual may use drugs and alcohol to manage mental health symptoms.

Because mental illness can fuel an addiction, individuals need help for both problems. Of course, rehabilitation can treat their addiction. At the same time, the guest receives borderline personality disorder treatment as well. Getting dual diagnosis care prepares the guest for long, successful sobriety.

Getting the Right Care

When someone looks for a rehab center, they should find a facility that helps with mental illnesses. By targeting the underlying cause of the addiction, the individual can increase their chances of having a successful recovery. The right treatment program may offer options such as:

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