With so many drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities throughout the country, it can be hard choosing the right place for you. Should you attend residential treatment, or is outpatient appropriate? Ideally, you’ll consult with professionals to figure out the best course of treatment. An executive rehab is an option for men and women with demanding lifestyles who still require help overcoming substance dependency.

The Need for Addiction Treatment

Young businessman getting help from executive rehab centers in FloridaBefore you enter rehab, you must first acknowledge a problem with drugs and alcohol. Not surprisingly, this isn’t easy for many people with addiction issues to do. The longer they stay in denial, however, the bigger the problem grows.

Signs that you or a loved one needs treatment for addiction includes:

  • Continued drug and alcohol abuse despite the problems it’s causing in your life
  • Use has a negative impact on meeting your work or family obligations
  • The amount you must use to feel the same effects has increased as your tolerance has grown
  • You have a desire to quit using, but you can’t seem to do it
  • You keep using despite knowing the risks this presents

Getting into rehab is crucial because it’s not enough just to quit. An executive rehab is an option if you want to get help in comfortable, accommodating surroundings. There, you’ll take part in therapies designed to get to the root of your addiction. You’ll also gain healthy coping skills that you can apply to a variety of situations.

What to Expect in Executive Rehab

You might have put off addiction treatment because your idea of rehab facilities is depressing. To you, they’re all hospital-like settings with no amenities or daily comforts. Therefore, rehab sounds more like a punishment than a reward.

The executive rehab centers Florida offers can change your mind about all of that.

Instead of a cold, sterile environment, executive rehab facilities are often resort-like settings offering a wealth of amenities. You’ll still receive the life-changing care you need, but you’ll do it in a luxurious locale that’s relaxing and peaceful.

Many rehabs that cater to guests looking for a high caliber of treatment feature private rooms and baths, maid service, chef-prepared meals, and world-class services. Not surprisingly, these rehabs are frequently in coastal settings, where guests can enjoy scenic water views as they work through recovery.

The Executive Rehab Centers Florida Offers

Florida is home to many rehab facilities, with each offering its own set of programs and amenities. If it’s an executive rehab center you’re looking for, St. Augustine provides one of the best. The oldest city in America is a popular tourist destination and for a good reason.

The pleasant climate all year long and the many historical treasures the city contains are just two draws. For people searching for some of the outstanding executive rehab centers Florida offers, St. Augustine is an excellent location.

Imagine going through treatment and being able to see dolphins and other marine life swimming nearby. Being in such a serene setting has a positive impact on your mental health. You’ll feel more relaxed, which increases your chances of fully participating in your treatment. All of this gives you a better chance of overcoming addiction.

Luxury Addiction Treatment by the Ocean

Are you looking for an executive rehab where you can begin to heal from the damage of addiction? Pearl of the Sea Retreat is that place. We provide residential addiction treatment for professionals in St. Augustine, Florida, on Anastasia Island. Here, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of nature as well as our resort-like atmosphere.

Our services include:

Our experienced and compassionate team members include nurses, case managers, masters-level clinicians as well as recovery support coaches.

If you’re tired of the chaotic cycle of drug and alcohol addiction, it’s time to get help. Let our friendly staff show you how to regain control of your life. A luxurious rehab is an ideal place to begin recovery, so reach out to us today at 8557632545 to learn more.