Drug and alcohol abuse can take a toll on your body, mind, and emotions. From the breakdown of your motivation to depression to physical cravings to even seizures if you don’t have the drug, there are many effects that drugs have on a person. If you or a loved feel are seeking professional addiction treatment, then it’s critical that you seek a nutrition assessment at a residential treatment center St Augustine FL trusts.

During your time in a treatment center, you will receive a whole range of therapies and treatments. One of the first things you will need to have is a nutrition assessment. This will help the staff understand what you need to become well.

How Do Drugs Affect the Body?

male addiction professional helps patients with nutrition assessmentWe all know that drugs affect our bodies, but how. Different drugs affect your body in different ways. Many factors play a part in how much your body will be impacted such as:

  • Your body weight
  • The type of drugs you do
  • How much drugs you do
  • How long you have been doing drugs
  • Is there more than one drug being used?

Certain drugs will affect the body somewhat predictably such as the following:

Methamphetamines — this drug will speed up your body’s system. Your heart will race faster increasing your heart rate. You probably won’t eat as much, which could cause weight loss and poor nutrition.

Benzos — this drug does the opposite and slows the body down. Your central nervous system will be depressed, and your heart rate slows down. You probably won’t move around as much and may sleep more. This may cause you to gain weight.

In addition to these types of body responses, drugs can also harm your internal organs, cause nausea, psychosis, paranoia, headaches, and more. The body’s natural response to taking in a drug is to reject it. That’s why when someone first does a drug, they may feel sick or unwell, but over time they adjust and become addicted. If you feel you or a loved one are struggling with the cycle of addiction, reach out to find professional substance abuse treatment.

Selecting a Diet Assessment Program in St Augustine FL

When coming in for treatment to a healing center, you will need a nutrition assessment to see how extensive your needs are. During a diet assessment program in St Augustine FL, a caring staff member will discuss your drug use and eating patterns. You may be asked to fill out a survey or questionnaire to gain deeper insight into your situation. After your dietary information is gathered, a counselor will be able to provide the best plan for your nutritional needs.

Benefits of a Nutrition Assessment

When you have a nutrition expert take into account your special diet needs, you can take steps towards total wellness. A healthy eating regimen will improve your energy and allow you to build up your strength again. You can discover what is lacking from your current nutrition plan before any more damage is done to your body. Eating better with leave you feeling happier and healthier, and any lingering issues will be improved with more proper nutrition. Along with other addiction therapies, a nutrition assessment and proper diet planning can help heal you physically, so you can recover mentally and spiritually.

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You will discover healing from our therapy options some of which include:

Don’t let problems of drugs harm your body. You can be healthy by getting a nutrition assessment and quality drug rehab. Contact us at 855.763.2545, and we’ll get you on the road to healing.