Addiction almost never occurs in a vacuum. There are usually underlying reasons that increase someone’s likelihood to use and abuse substances. One of the most common underlying issues is trauma. This common issue is why the Pearl of the Sea Retreat trauma counseling center is so useful.

What Is a Trauma Counseling Center?

a woman texts her family after a session at a st augustine florida trauma counseling centerOur trauma counseling center is the part of our addiction rehab facility that focuses on trauma therapy. This is an important part of the recovery process. Too many addiction treatment centers address a person’s problems in a compartmentalized way. Our problems do not occur separate from each other, so why should our treatment address them separately?

However, at our St Augustine Florida trauma counseling center, our experts can assess and address your problems. Moreover, the ultimate goal is to create a treatment regimen that perfectly fits your needs. The better our staff gets to know you, the better they can help you through your struggles.

Do I Need Trauma Counseling?

This question can be hard to answer. On the one hand, some people are very aware of trauma in their past. They may even be aware of how it affects their addiction. However, many others are not consciously in touch with their trauma.

By its very nature, trauma causes many people to dissociate. They push it down to avoid dealing with it. If you are struggling with addiction, it’s possible that you are wrestling with your past in some way. This is why it’s so critical to have a trauma counseling center on hand. During your therapy, you may discover that a force you didn’t know existed is affecting you.

Pearl of the Sea’s trauma therapy can help you confront your past and present struggles. We recognize that for your recovery to be long lasting, you must be healthy as a human being. Therefore, we assert that abstinence from the substance itself is not enough to find healing.

How Can I Begin the Healing Process?

The first step is to seek out professional help. Out Pearl of the Sea Retreat, we help our guests through our comprehensive luxury addiction treatment services. Through our services, we intend to help you heal every part of yourself.

For instance, your physical health may need a boost. We provide a number of services to help precisely that. Specifically, nutritional therapy, exercise, rest, and pain management are all a part of our program. This will help you physically heal and will help teach you discipline in the way you care for your body.

Your needs may be more specific to the mental and emotional aspect. For that we have many evidence-based therapies:

We also offer unique therapies to help your spiritual health as well. These include:

  • Pet therapy
  • Marine therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation and mindfulness

We use this broad range of services to heal you from every angle. This ideology is exactly why we feature our trauma counseling center so prominently. We are here to help you grow into recovery and maintain it long after you leave our facility. Contact us today at 855-763-2545 to learn more about what Pearl of the Sea Retreat’s trauma counseling can do for you.