Addiction is a complicated and multi-faceted condition. It affects people differently based on their biology, past experiences, and circumstances. Specifically, it can put significantly different kind of pressures on women and men. This is why Pearl of the Sea Retreat, a luxury rehab center in St. Augustine, Florida, opened our womens rehab center.

The Need for a Womens Rehab Center

Women’s struggle with addiction is unique from men in many ways. For one, women are statistically more likely to abuse prescription drugs and alcohol while men are more likely to abuse illicit drugs. At Pearl of the Sea’s St Augustine womens rehab center, our mission is to craft treatment programs with these facts in mind.

a woman at a st augustine womens rehab center is glowingAlso notable is that women’s substance abuse often occurs in conjunction with past trauma. This connection is why we have a trauma therapy program. However, for those that suffered trauma involving a man, trying to address those issues in a therapy setting could prove ineffective if men are present in the session. This is one of the biggest reasons we created our womens rehab center: to ensure an environment of security.

Without men in the program, women can feel safe and focused. We also try to take the time to look at issues that affect more women than men. For instance, many women struggle with addiction while they are in the middle of trying to raise their family or get their career back on track. Many women are doing this as single mothers, too. The pressure may seem overwhelming, but our programs and therapies are here to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and some much-needed structure.

Is the Entire Program Gender-Specific?

Our recovery programs are not entirely gender-specific. We offer a number of activities that are for all of our guests. The point of our program is not just to guide you through the more clinical parts of recovery, but to give you the amenities to relax and enjoy your newfound sobriety, too.

These more relaxing activities and treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Marine therapy (see wildlife like turtles and dolphins)
  • Pet therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation and mindfulness training
  • Pain management
  • Qigong
  • Yoga

By having such a diverse array of activities, our womens rehab center becomes just one piece of the puzzle. You can enjoy the integrated parts of Pearl of the Sea Retreat, but use the gender-specific sessions to deal with issues you would otherwise not feel comfortable sharing.

Pearl of the Sea Retreat Philosophy

The mix of these gender-specific, integrated, clinical, and recreational programs has an important purpose. We approach each person’s struggle as unique. Addiction is never simple and never identical to someone else’s. Therefore, we ensure that we tailor your recovery program to meet your exact needs.

Our other goal is to make you feel like a guest. With our comfortable amenities, resort-style facility, and world-class clinicians, Pearl of the Sea is the most comfortable womens rehab center in St. Augustine. Give us a call today at 855-763-2545 to see what else Pearl of the Sea Retreat’s unique addiction therapy services can do for you.