man receiving cognitive behavioral therapy

Examples of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Addiction affects many areas of your life, from your personal relationships to your career. Overcoming substance abuse is a complex process. It can be made far more manageable with the help of professional addiction counseling. A cognitive behavioral therapy program uses a therapeutic approach (CBT) that has proven to be quite effective in the treatment…

man discovering the health benefits of fishing

The Health Benefits of Fishing

The health benefits of fishing include strengthening the body, promoting relaxation, teaching self-reliance and boosting the immune system. As such, it can be an invaluable tool in addiction therapy as it helps participants gain a healthy new hobby to replace previous drug-seeking behaviors. Physical Health Benefits of Fishing One of the biggest reasons to go…

woman with glasses in dialectical behavior therapy programs

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Programs

Participating in a rehab program introduces you to behavioral counseling. It’s a great way of developing tools you need to overcome dysfunctional patterns. Mostly everyone knows about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). That said, did you know that dialectical behavior therapy programs also find plenty of applications? What Goes on in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Programs A…

Woman sitting on floor needs to know how to help someone with drug addiction and depression

How to Help Someone with Drug Addiction and Depression

Someone you care about is abusing drugs or alcohol. This person hasn’t been her or himself in a while. Would you know how to help someone with drug addiction and depression? Most importantly, could you point them in the right direction to get treatment? Understanding the Connection between Depression and Addiction If someone hasn’t been…