With substance abuse treatment, individuals can take the first step toward becoming sober. In the United States, marijuana, alcohol, and prescription drugs are the substances people most commonly abuse. Many treatment centers offer rehab for these substances as well as additional options for other drugs. With the right treatment, guests can recover and live a healthy, sober lifestyle again.

What Is Substance Abuse Treatment?

a woman talks to a counselor at a substance abuse treatment centerThe goal of substance abuse treatment is to help individuals become sober. Over time, drinking recreationally or taking painkillers for an injury can lead to an addiction. Once someone has an addiction, it rewires the mind to require drugs to feel normal. If the individual tries to stop using, they go through withdrawal symptoms.

During the withdrawal phase, many guests suffer from cravings. The withdrawal symptoms may be severe and make the individual feel like they must use again to feel normal. Because of this, it is essential to get professional substance abuse treatment during the initial recovery stage.

At a substance abuse treatment center, guests receive a range of different treatment options. An addiction specialist works with guests during the intake process to figure out which treatments will work the best. Then, the guest starts a blend of luxury addiction treatment services, including therapy, group meetings, and other options.

Why Is Professional Treatment Important?

Addiction is a devastating illness. Over time, it can cause financial problems, relationship issues, and health disorders. Physically, the individual may suffer from liver damage, heart problems, kidney damage, cancer, or breathing issues because of their addiction. They may also develop mental issues like hallucinations, depression, delusions, paranoia, and anxiety.

However, this isn’t your only option. Professional substance abuse treatment helps prevent and reduce these problems. In the past, some people tried to quit cold turkey. Unfortunately, this method can be dangerous because of the withdrawal symptoms. In addition, quitting at home means the individual still has access to drugs and alcohol.

At a substance abuse treatment center, guests can take the first step in their recovery. Professionals supervise them at all times, so it is impossible to relapse while they are going through the treatment process. Medical staff members are available to help manage withdrawal symptoms and support the guest.

Chronic substance abuse can make it harder to find a job, have a relationship, or do well at school. When an addiction is someone’s main focus in life, other goals disappear. With professional treatment, individuals can prevent their addiction from causing more problems.

The Types of Treatment Options

From luxury addiction treatment services to dual diagnosis care, guests have many program options available to them. Many individuals choose residential programs because it allows them to live at the treatment center. This means that the guest receives around-the-clock care and supervision as they recover.

Often, the best treatment programs provide options like dual diagnosis treatment. Many individuals use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate for mental illnesses. When someone gets substance abuse treatment, they need to treat their mental disorder as well. Otherwise, they may struggle to manage the symptoms of their mental disorder without resorting to substance abuse.

Each person is different, so treatment options are just as unique. Before going to a treatment center, guests can talk to an intake specialist about the programs they need. The right treatment center may provide unique addiction therapy options such as:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment and gender-specific programs
  • Luxurious marine and nature therapies
  • Nature therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Art, music, and recreational therapy
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Massage therapy and pain management services
  • Qigong and yoga

You do not have to live with the suffering and pain of addiction forever. Hope is within your reach. At the Pearl of the Sea Retreat, you can enjoy luxurious services as you start your sobriety. With the right therapy programs and support, you can begin your journey toward a healthier life. To find out how we can help, call us today at 855-763-2545.