In recent years, addiction treatment has gotten a much needed face lift. The number of addiction treatment professionals who are proficient with holistic treatment methods is on the rise. That’s very good news for every in the addiction treatment community, man deciding to go to a drug addiction treatment centerespecially for the addiction sufferers. At our Pearl of the Sea Retreat drug addiction treatment center, we are proud to offer an interesting approach to treatment. We combine traditional treatment options with holistic options we integrate through nature.

About Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center

When someone enters our drug addiction treatment program, they do so in an amazing environment, Anastasia Island, Florida. It’s a beautiful treatment community that takes advantage of everything a premium drug addiction treatment center Florida could offer. The beauty of the plant and marine life surrounding the area is but a backdrop for where we save lives. Yes, the beauty of the area can be very mesmerizing. However, we manage very well to keep our clients working on the task at hand, arresting their addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs – The Process

Our substance abuse treatment center Florida takes a unique view on addiction treatment. Of course, some of the processes we use are similar to other top addiction treatment facilities. However, we offer a unique twist to our treatment process.

Once the client enters our drug addiction treatment center, they go through an assessment process. This process will allow our clinicians to make sure they design an appropriate drug addiction treatment program for each client. While we refer out for detox assistance, the meat of the treatment process belongs to us.

At the core of the process, our counselors work with our clients to understand the causes of their addiction. That’s pretty standard for most of the top drug addiction treatment center Florida operations. Our counselors support both intensive individual therapy with group sessions to promote unity and mutual support among clients. Where we differ from so many other top drug addiction treatment centers is our nature integration process.

Our counselors firmly support the notion there’s something very soothing about the ocean and marine life. When most of our clients enter treatment, they do so with their lives in general disarray. What they don’t have is peace and serenity in their lives. Without peace and serenity, it’s near impossible to cope with the stress life brings from one day to the next. Hence, drug addiction becomes a way out.

That’s the value of holistic treatment options. They give the client mechanisms they can use to cope during treatment and after release. In particular, clients seem to respond very well in a marine environment. The result is they find a level of peace that allows them to relax. In a state of relaxation, clients are better able to open up about their problems. If they can identify their problems, they can build the right coping skills to avoid relapses. When they leave the drug addiction treatment center, they leave with a path to a lasting recovery. They also seem to leave with a greater appreciation for the immense healing power of nature and the sea.

Pearl of the Sea Retreat – About Our Services

At our drug addiction treatment center Florida, we offer more than addiction treatment. We offer a path to a better way of living. Our arsenal of treatment options covers a wide range of holistic treatment methods we deliver on an inpatient basis. Each of these holistic options addresses some facet of the client’s need to focus on better controlling their behaviors. To that end, here’s a short list of our treatment options:

If you have concerns about the rigors of addiction treatment, we encourage you to consider our drug addiction treatment center. At Pearl of the Sea Retreat, we will use a variety of treatment options to get you from addiction to recovery. Please give us a call at 8557632545 for information about our services and how we can make a difference.