Opiate addiction is a growing problem in many places around the world. The United States is no exception. The demand for these drugs is high, which is why the need for reliable opiate addiction treatment is high, too. Knowing what to look for in a treatment center is important for people’s long-term sobriety.

How Do People Get Opiates?

a woman talks to a counselor at an opiate addiction treatment centerBelieve it or not, opiates are drugs that people can get both legally and illegally. For that reason, putting an end to opiate abuse is quite a big challenge.

Many of the prescription painkillers that doctors prescribe are opiates. Despite getting them from doctors, they’re just as addictive as the opiates that people buy on the black market. In fact, most people who end up at an opiate addiction treatment center are there after taking a prescription. In some cases, people develop addiction after just one prescription.

Of course, doctors know that these drugs are addictive. As a result, they only prescribe them for a short period. Once they stop, though, some people shop around for other doctors who will write new prescriptions. When they can’t find any, they start buying illegal opiates instead.

Keep in mind, however, that buying prescription drugs on the black market is expensive. Most dealers charge high premiums for legitimate prescription drugs. To support their addiction, people turn to non-prescription opiates like heroin for their fix. Regardless of the drug of choice, a substance abuse treatment center is their best bet.

Finding Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate addiction comes on fast and hard. Then, there’s little that people can do to control themselves. Their every waking thought is about drugs and how to get them. Because of that, it’s often up to family members to recognize the signs of opiate abuse.

Once family members determine that a loved one needs opiate addiction treatment, it’s time to find a reliable rehab center. However, what makes a rehab center reliable? A key element to pay attention to is the types of programs that it offers.

For example, dual diagnosis treatment is an essential aspect of nearly every rehab program. People generally don’t just suffer from drug addiction alone. They also deal with underlying mental disorders.

While standard opiate addiction treatment doesn’t deal with these underlying problems, dual diagnosis treatment does. It ensures that people don’t relapse.

Another important program for a rehab center to offer is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This counseling method aims to change people’s negative ways of thinking to change negative behaviors. It’s an effective way to help people who struggle with addiction.

Custom Treatment Plans

Creating custom treatment plans is another critical aspect of an opiate addiction treatment center. Everyone is different and requires a different approach to recovery. It’s up to the rehab center to create the plan and provide the best treatment possible.

Unique opiate addiction treatment also includes gender-specific services. Men and women are different, so they need different approaches to treatment. People need to watch out for rehab centers that offer the same programs for men and women.

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