Prescription drug abuse affects many people across the country. Even with a legitimate prescription, the use of powerful and addictive medications has had massive consequences. Additionally, many people seeking a high from these drugs use them because of ease of access and relatively cheap prices. However, help is available in the form of prescription drug addiction treatment centers in St Augustine FL and across the country.

These treatment centers provide a wide range of treatments to help you find the best therapy depending on your personal needs. You can get the help you need from a staff that genuinely wants you to succeed. No matter how severe your addiction or how long you’ve used prescription medication, there is hope for you at an opiate, opioid, or benzo addiction treatment center in St Augustine FL.

What Makes Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Unique?

man uses prescription drugs which can necessitate a stay at prescription drug addiction treatment centerNot all addictions are the same. Therefore, different treatment is needed for everyone.

In many cases, people who suffer from prescription drug addiction may not realize just how addicted they are or that they need treatment. The reason for this is that prescription drugs do not carry the same stigma as drugs like meth or cocaine. Also, you may assume that because a medication prescribed by a physician and provided by a pharmacist, it must be safe.

Prescription drug addiction treatment centers in St Augustine FL can assess your individual situation to determine the nature of your addiction and what type of treatment is suitable for your dependency. Additionally, the best treatment centers offer a serene setting where you can address your addiction in a safe environment with professionals that want you to succeed. Support at each and every step helps usher you towards long-term recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services We Offer in St. Augustine, FL

Keep in mind that no matter how severe your addiction is, there is always a way out. With the right support, you can get the help you need to get off of the medication and stay off. For example, some substance abuse treatment services that can help you with your recovery include:

Why Consider a Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center

As we mentioned earlier, prescription drug treatment is often ignored because it doesn’t always ‘look’ or ‘feel’ like an addiction. In some cases, you may use pain pills, Xanax, or other types of medication for years without realizing you are even addicted.

However, the effects of these drugs can cause physical and mental health problems if you continue your addiction. You may already be experiencing some of these effects or symptoms, such as:

  • Constant fatigue or drowsiness
  • Poor concentration or inability to stay focused
  • Severe mood swings, irritability, or anxiety
  • Depression and isolation
  • Ongoing requests for a higher dosage from your doctor
  • Elevated body temperature or blood pressure

Additionally, other signs include a drastic change in eating or sleeping, trying to find other means for acquiring the pills, often illegally. Doctor shopping refers to seeking prescriptions from more than one doctor and is a warning sign of addiction as well. If you experience two or more of these symptoms, then you may want to consider getting treatment at a prescription drug addiction treatment center.

There is Help at a Drug Addiction Treatment Center Near You

Are you ready to find a prescription drug addiction treatment center in St Augustine FL? Then contact Pearl of the Sea Retreat. Our unique addiction therapies can provide the support, encouragement, and professional treatment you need to overcome your dependency. In conclusion, to find out more about our services, call us at 855.763.2545.