For people seeking help for addiction, one of the biggest “what if” fears is relapse. You wonder how to keep yourself from blonde woman in relapse prevention therapyrelapsing and whether you have the strength to stay sober. But much of this fear comes from not knowing the coping skills you need to stay sober. This is where relapse prevention therapy comes in, to help you build the important skills you need for a fulfilling, productive and addiction-free life.

Getting Sober Is Never Enough for Lasting Recovery

You cannot stay clean for your full lifetime after just “getting sober.” Instead, you need a range of therapies designed to help you stay in recovery. These therapies include an array of methods proven through decades of research and client success. Relapse prevention therapy is one of these methods provided through a quality substance abuse treatment center Florida trusts.

When you enter Pearl of the Sea Retreat in St. Augustine, Florida, you help caring professionals get to know more about you. This two-way conversation and understanding helps to form your individual treatment plan. As part of this plan, you receive relapse prevention treatment. But this treatment is somewhat unique from person-to-person.

Your relapse prevention therapy involves finding your root causes of addiction. For many, root causes include mental conditions like anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. Others suffered trauma in the past and need help for symptoms of that trauma. Revealing what led you into self-medication or substance abuse also helps you find your way out of addiction.

By treating these root causes and your triggers and temptations alongside them, you actually start your relapse prevention treatment. But preventing relapse goes deeper than this. You also need educational sessions and other exploration, as part of your relapse prevention therapy.

What Relapse Prevention Therapy Includes

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) forms a big part of your relapse prevention treatment. This therapy helps you understand, sense and manage your risk for relapse.

You also get to know the high-risk situations leading to relapse. These include negative emotional periods in life, peer pressure to use your substances, relationship problems, and other life stress. If you do not know how to relieve your stress and cope with these times in life, relapse becomes imminent. So relapse prevention treatment focuses on these key problems and the methods best designed for coping with them.

Your relapse prevention therapy at Pearl of the Sea Retreat includes:

  • Coping skills training
  • Behavioral methods
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Individual, group and family therapy

By resolving conflicts and stress of your past, you open doors to a fresh start in sobriety. Through education, you also build strength for coping with problems in your future. Of course, all of these skills and changes take time, energy and focus. That is why you need quality rehab treatment at Pearl of the Sea Retreat.

What You Learn About Relapse

In your relapse prevention treatment, you learn many things about how recovery ends. Among these lessons, you gain an understanding of how relapse is not just one event occurring out of nowhere. Instead, it is a process that takes place over a period of time.

You also realize how relapse occurs based on your risk factors. So you spend time in rehab learning how to cope with your problems and the resulting cravings and urges for your substances. You learn which situations to avoid and how to deal with negative emotions like anger, frustration and loneliness, so they do not trigger you to relapse.

Rehab at Pearl of the Sea Retreat also teaches you how to rebuild strength in recovery after a lapse. This keeps you from falling into a full-blown relapse and the life disarray it causes. Instead, you thrive in making positive lifestyle choices and living well in healthy recovery. You also learn how to build a relapse prevention plan and change that plan to meet your ever-changing life needs.

Treatment in the Luxury and Serenity of Anastasia Island

Anastasia Island of St. Augustine, Florida provides the setting for Pearl of the Sea Retreat. On the island, you gain all of the treatment, education, and support you need for a real chance of lifelong recovery. Programs and methods of Pearl of the Sea Retreat include:

Learn more about relapse prevention therapy and how it keeps you strong and healthy in recovery. Call Pearl of the Sea Retreat now at 8557632545 and talk to a caring counselor. Through the right treatment, you can live the life of your dreams without relapse. So call now.